Does Removing Tonsils Stop Tonsil Stones?

You may ask does removing tonsils stop tonsil stones? here is the total answer for this question. Some matters are taking part in the contribution of calcified tonsil stones. They usually appear as the whitish or yellowish balls. Furthermore, they may similarly appear as pieces of foods or other materials which can easily be removed or wiped. They deeply form inside the throat corresponding with the tonsils. The tonsil stones produce itchiness and awful breath – similar with the gas or rotten odor. The smelly odor is the result from bacteria located on tonsils.

So, does removing tonsil stop tonsil stones and the causes likewise? Let’s find the answer!

Any available home treatments: As time goes on, the bond of materials resulting in bigger calcification, so it will be hard to wipe off using medications. Some examples of the home removal:
  1. Medications, such as antibiotics may quickly remove. Unfortunately, the given effects are merely temporal, so there is a possibility to recur.
  2. The mostly simple thing to erase tonsil stones is using Q-tip. This home removal is believed to work in some people. Firmly pressing towards the white stones until dislodged.
  3. To remove the stones, effectively using the oral irrigator. Ideally irrigating your mouth using the waterpik. The powerful stream of spray may puncture the tonsils, so you may not be careless while using it.
  4. The oral probiotics has been believed by many people to hamper the growth or bacteria causing tonsil stones. This preventive method has purpose to avert the causes. However, the scientific proof of efficacy has not been existing yet.
The big noticing tonsil stones should be medically dislodged by the specialists after all. Remember that the desirable result will not immediately appear, as the effort may take the plenty of time, and every person has his/her own natural condition which may vary in suitability. Therefore, you can see the farther information online regarding to any preventive measures or other home removals.

Tonsillectomy and risks

Tonsillectomy is a surgery for lifting tonsils. It is one of the common procedures to overcome infection and tonsillitis. Nowadays, the tonsillectomy has purpose to relieve the respiratory disorders causing hard to sleep, when the tonsillitis give no response towards other medications.

removing tonsil stones

However, tonsils are mainly needed to cure respiration problems, or other issues related to the swelling of tonsils, and treating the rare diseases of tonsils. The patients who took the surgery must undergo recovery within 10 days to 2 weeks.

Some of possible risks which may happen after going under the knife:
  • The failure to relieve sore throat, or get rid of ear and sinus infection.
  • The bleeding. In some rare cases, this will happen and immensely need the blood transfusion.
  • The infection, dehydration, or the long term pain.
  • The permanent vocal change.
  • The failure to cure snoring, or sleep apnea.

The answer

Based on my own experience, it will be much easier preventing tonsil stones rather than to remove them. As long as you can keep your mouth healthy, by using mouthwash for unpleasant breath, and following the healthy diet – drinking the less salty water and avoiding the calcium containing beverages, such as milk. However, the recurrent rate after being removed is still high depending on how people treat their mouths. Therefore, does removing tonsils stop tonsil stones? The answers is well-preserved oral condition will prevent tonsil stones and other bacterial infection. Thus, the prevention by keeping mouth hygiene has much importance than lifting up tonsils through tonsillectomy.

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