Waterpik Tonsil Stones: Eliminate Tonsil Stones Using a Waterpik

Waterpik tonsil stones, have you heard about this words? This is a very popular term among Otolaryngologists and their many patients; it’s essentially a tool used by professionals and patients to remove tonsil stones. If you’re living with tonsil stones but are unfamiliar with this tool, you should definitely stick around and read this through. We’ll discuss how much they cost, how to properly use them and whether this is a safe enough method for your particular condition.

We’re going to cover certain areas or aspects of tonsil stones on this article, but for a more in depth discussion on this topic, you can read them here also in this page.

There are various ways of removing tonsil stones, and apart from the most obvious one of utilizing your fingers to dislodge them, using a waterpik is among the most popular method. Using a waterpik is comparatively cheaper (lot of waterpik prices is under $100) then say going under the knife to surgically remove the stones (and the tonsils themselves in some cases), not to mention the possible side effects that may arise from the procedure.

waterpik - tonsil stones removal

While natural remedies are also among the safest and cheapest method of getting rid of these stones, they’re a bit time consuming to properly prepare and concoct. All in all, the use of a waterpik to remove tonsil stones are among the cheapest, safest as well as the most practical.

Waterpiks are also known as oral irrigators. These little exterminators are capable of dislodging even the most stubborn tonsil stones by jetting out high pressurized water towards the stones; physically forcing them out of the crevice or crypts they’re lodged into. The following is a youtube video of how waterpiks are supposed to work.

It’s clear that waterpiks are highly effective in cleansing plaques and food residues off of teeth and gums, they’re also good for eliminating stuff that’s stuck on the tonsils.

By using a waterpik, the stones that are lodged in hard to reach places no longer presents a problem as the waterpik would be able to pick them off accurately.

use waterpik tonsil stones

It’s worth noting that in terms of size, tonsil stones vary from person to person, so before using a waterpik to remove your tonsil stones make sure to first determine the size of the stones. If the stones are large in size, they can cause bleeding and laceration and may even choke you in the process.
I say again; DETERMINE THE SIZE OF THE STONES. Waterpiks should only be used if the size of the stones are relatively small, and when you’re in doubt it’s always better to be on the safe side of things and simply consult your physician.

If you think it’s safe to use a waterpik to remove your stones, first read the following:
  1. Get a high quality waterpik. Ensure that you select a waterpik that’s capable of producing highly pressurized streams of water, strong enough to clear plaques and tonsil stones. They’re relatively affordable and are widely available in stores.
  2. Ensure that all the stones you may have are within ‘treatable’ size and pinpoint their exact location.
  3. Start aiming the water stream to the tonsil stones. You might want to adjust the pressure levels to find the one that’s most comfortable for you.
  4. Do it on a regular basis and remember to always position your head tilting towards the floor to avoid the risk of choking.
If waterpik isn’t the tool for you for whatever reason, no need to worry, there are other types of solution you can try to eliminate tonsil stones. Waterpiks are simply one in many and no doubt you’ll eventually find the one that suits you best.

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