What Causes Bad Breath? Is Tonsil Stones One of Them?

Some people often complain and feel uneasy if they have bad breath. Bad breath causes you to be unconfident and embarrassed as you are talking to your friends, or even to your boss. In this opportunity, I am going to discuss about some aspects or causes that lead to bad breath, and one of the causes is tonsil stones.

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Do you know what tonsil stones is?

Bad breath is caused by many things, tonsil stones being a prime example. Tonsil stones is a kind of disease that infects mouth area. Tonsil Stones is caused by the flourish of bacteria in the mouth. Many factors contribute to the forming of tonsil stones, among which are lingering food residues or other substances in and around the tonsil area. The one possible effect of tonsil stones is a really bad case of bad breath. It can lead to depression and your confidence will most definitely plummet.

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More about tonsil stones:

Other Bad Breath Causes

1. Bacteria

The amount of bacteria which flourish due to neglected oral hygiene is one of the main causes of bad breath. The bacteria which multiplies on the tongue, mouth and teeth lead to bad breath.

Did you know that sleeping with your mouth open will cause your saliva to dry up, and subsequently creates a foul smelling breath? This kind of disorder is called apnea.

The amount of foods you eat influences your saliva as well. Did you know that if you have breakfast, your mouth will then produce more saliva and prevent bad breath from manifesting?

2. Thrush

Thrush is also the cause of bad breath. If you often experience bleeding in your gum or mouth, or if you think that thrush is coming, you have to be well-prepared. Thrush will cause bad breath to appear at the moment of infection.

3. Smoking

Smoking is also known to promote bad breath. It’s bad enough that the cigarette itself emits an unpleasant odor, it also make your breath smell as well. So kicking this nasty habit is actually a no brainer. Bear in mind, the toxins produced by cigarettes do promote bacterial development in the mouth. It even makes your saliva go crazy!

4. Onion

Onion is included as one of the causes of bad breath. If you keep consuming foods containing onion, it’s common knowledge for you to brush your mouth often. You can also use mouth wash to neutralize the bad breath.


So there you have it, the causes of bad breath you should be familiar with. Actually, there are still many things that can cause bad breath like stomachache, but I think the aforementioned factors are sufficient. For your information, some people attempted to get rid of bad breath without success. That’s because they do not know or are unfamiliar with the causes of bad breath in the first place. Finally, now you know that the tonsil stones is one of the bad breath causes. See you.

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