What Causes Bad Breath? Is Tonsil Stones One of Them?

Some people often complain and feel uneasy if they have bad breath. Bad breath causes you to be unconfident and embarrassed as you are talking to your friends, or even to your boss. In this opportunity, I am going to discuss about some aspects or causes that lead to bad breath, and one of the causes is tonsil stones.

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Do you know what tonsil stones is?

Bad breath is caused by many things, tonsil stones being a prime example. Tonsil stones is a kind of disease that infects mouth area. Tonsil Stones is caused by the flourish of bacteria in the mouth. Many factors contribute to the forming of tonsil stones, among which are lingering food residues or other substances in and around the tonsil area. The one possible effect of tonsil stones is a really bad case of bad breath. It can lead to depression and your confidence will most definitely plummet.

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Other Bad Breath Causes

1. Bacteria

The amount of bacteria which flourish due to neglected oral hygiene is one of the main causes of bad breath. The bacteria which multiplies on the tongue, mouth and teeth lead to bad breath.

Did you know that sleeping with your mouth open will cause your saliva to dry up, and subsequently creates a foul smelling breath? This kind of disorder is called apnea.

The amount of foods you eat influences your saliva as well. Did you know that if you have breakfast, your mouth will then produce more saliva and prevent bad breath from manifesting?

2. Thrush

Thrush is also the cause of bad breath. If you often experience bleeding in your gum or mouth, or if you think that thrush is coming, you have to be well-prepared. Thrush will cause bad breath to appear at the moment of infection.

3. Smoking

Smoking is also known to promote bad breath. It’s bad enough that the cigarette itself emits an unpleasant odor, it also make your breath smell as well. So kicking this nasty habit is actually a no brainer. Bear in mind, the toxins produced by cigarettes do promote bacterial development in the mouth. It even makes your saliva go crazy!

4. Onion

Onion is included as one of the causes of bad breath. If you keep consuming foods containing onion, it’s common knowledge for you to brush your mouth often. You can also use mouth wash to neutralize the bad breath.


So there you have it, the causes of bad breath you should be familiar with. Actually, there are still many things that can cause bad breath like stomachache, but I think the aforementioned factors are sufficient. For your information, some people attempted to get rid of bad breath without success. That’s because they do not know or are unfamiliar with the causes of bad breath in the first place. Finally, now you know that the tonsil stones is one of the bad breath causes. See you.

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5 Tips on How to Avoid The Recurring Tonsil Stones

Do you feel upset against the recurring tonsil stones? I know this is reasonable because there is not only you who feel like this, but many people have it. Tonsil stones are disease that can come back again to your life, so when you've managed to eliminate the tonsil stones, then the tonsil stones can be returned, so what are the things that we have to do to avoid the recurrent tonsil stones? these following 5 tips may help you.

Clean your mouth from bacterias and food particles

1. You should frequently cleaning your teeth and mouth.

In the previous article (http://tonsilstonesremovals.blogspot.com/2014/05/brushing-teeth-prevent-tonsil-stones.html), I have discussed about how to prevent the tonsil stones through regular brushing, this is important because it is based on the fact that I found a few days ago, a fact is a lot of people who do not care about their healthy mouth. Just a few people who visit the dentist and this is very alarming. Germs and bacteria which are inside the mouth and teeth can make the tonsil stones recurring to your tonsil, food particles and germs which accumulated are the things that causes tonsil stones recurring.see also:

2. Consider your food.

food vs tonsil stones

Food which hard structured usually can leave the food particles and could make the tonsil stones recurring. For that, you can choose a good structure of your food, a soft structure of food is the best for you. Remember, food particles are the cause of tonsil stones and food particles will come from several type of food, just be careful.

3. Clean your teeth at least 2 times a day.

clean your teeth

It is an old adage but it is very beneficial to your oral health. Bacterias and food particles can stick to the teeth and also on your tonsils, so you should clean it regularly.

4. Use the mouthwash product.

Sometimes, toothpaste can not kill all the germs which are life in your mouth, so the mouthwash is one of the best solution to kill the germs and any bacterias which toot paste can't do.

5. Check the location of your previous tonsil stones.

tonsil stones location

You should be wary of tonsil stones that attacked you, clean the tonsils which are the tonsil stones sticking before. You can use warm water and rinse in the area. Remember, everyone has a different form of the tonsils so you can concentrate on the location of your previous tonsil stones before.

Essentially, this tips is almost like the tips on how to prevent tonsil stones that I have posted, we must to keep our mouth, teeth, even tongue clean and free from germs, and food scraps (particles) and even from other substances which could build the tonsil stones. Recurring tonsil stones is annoying but we can handle it. Good luck.

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Prevent Tonsil Stones by Visiting a Dentist Regularly

Dental health is one of the most important things that we must consider every day. Cleaning our teeth can make us stay healthy, it can avoid bacteria and can prevent other mouth/throat problems such as bad breath problem or tonsil stones problem. Like a title post above, we can prevent tonsil stones by visiting a dentist regularly, actually I have written about how to prevent tonsil stones through brushing our teeth regularly, and this time I found a very interesting fact which you should read, you have to check this great info.

Visit a dentist, check your teeth or mouth from tonsil stones

prevent tonsil stones by visiting a dentist

Based from therabreath.com news here:

Did you know that 1 of 3 Americans didn't visit a dentist last year, this is a very surprising fact for me, though Americans are modern and reported has great and healthy lifestyle, but according to this data which reported about 30% of Americans didn't visit the dentist is quite strange for me, and you know what? this behavior has not changed since a few years ago until 2013 of last year.
"According to a new Gallup poll, one-third of Americans did not visit the dentist within the past 12 months, a trend that has remained unchanged from 2008."
"Regular dental visits are essential in steering clear of problems like plaque or tartar buildup, tooth decay and gum disease. It also presents a good opportunity to ask about oral health concerns such as tonsil stones and dry mouth, which are side effects of many prescription medicines."

From the fact above, we can see that taking care of teeth through visiting a dentist is very important for all of us, even these activities must always in our yearly plan, at least 1 time per year. If we won't to take care of our teeth, then there will be other problems such as tonsil stones in coming. In essence, the tonsil stones can be prevented by taking care of our teeth regularly, and we have to keep all in control by visiting a dentist. So, do you've visited the dentist this year?

True story from Jennie Chislett (Melbourne, AU) on removing her tonsil stones here...

Tonsil Stones Surgery Cost - 1.500 pounds!

If you 're looking for tonsil stones surgery cost information, then maybe this article can be used as a reference for you. Before we talk about the surgery cost, let us find out first about what tonsil stones are, and why we have to go through the surgery option to heal, to remove, or to treat the tonsil stones sufferer. Tonsil stone is an object such as a stone or a gravel which is attached to the mouth around the left and right of tonsil area. Tonsil stones are formed by bacteria and food particles which are piling up, read more about causes of tonsil stones here.

Surgery cost about 1.500 pounds, is it cheap for you?

We need to know that the cost of surgery to remove the tonsil stones can reach about 1.500 pounds!! I know that it's not too expensive, but it can also be said not cheap for some people. I found this tonsil stones surgery cost info from the experience of a woman named Vicky Wyatt, if I'm not mistaken, she lived in England and you can check this information from a page here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/index.html

Based from a story that she shared, she had long suffered of tonsil stones, although she used antibiotics and other drugs to curing her tonsil stone, but the tonsil stones that she have is always come back again and again. The problem is, Vicky Wyatt is a busy career woman, she also have 3 child, so she always busy with her daily activities, I believe that she can't focus also don't have many times to consult her tonsil stones problem to the doctor.

tonsil stones surgery image

The tonsil stones surgery cost which she shared to us which can reach about 1.500 pounds is not a small money and I think it is quite expensive for some people. I afraid that 1.500 pounds is not for all services, so if there any extra pay when you try to go to the surgery process, you have to think it too!!. So how to cure the tonsil stones with a fairly low cost, is there any chances for us?

Remember, many people affected by the tonsil stones, even in England, about one million people suffer from tonsil stones!! that is not a small number!! we have to take an attention to this thing.

Tonsil stones cause bad breath and pain in the throat and it's also quite be a serious problem for some people. So, what causes the tonsil stones? actually many factors that cause it and you can read on http://tonsilstonesremovals.blogspot.com/2014/05/where-do-tonsil-stones-come-from.html

So, do you want to try a surgery option to remove your tonsil stones? or do want to try any natural ways and it can be done in your own home? I know that the tonsil stones surgery is very fast and it can provide a fairly rapid effect, but not all the people want a surgery option, sometimes, people are also afraid of bleeding and they are usually not willing to spend enough money. I have posted about the tonsil stones removal using a natural ingredients here.., you can check it.

Now guys, it's all depending on your decision. Good luck and don't worry, everything will be okay.

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Where do Tonsil Stones come from?

Some people often asked "where do tonsil stones come from?" This is actually a general problem or general questions that asked by people who have the symptoms of tonsil stones, such as bad breath and fell pain when swallowing food. Why do tonsil stones can attack all of us all? tonsil stones can attack children, adults even the elderly. So, where do tonsil stones come from? is it come from a natural process? or comes from our habits?

In the previous article that I have published, look at this page, I have discussed a little bit about the causes of tonsil stones, and this time we will discuss it more about the causes of tonsil stones.

Food Scarps VS Tonsil Stones

Food scraps inside the mouth can be attached to the tongue area, between the teeth and to the area of ​​the tonsils. Food scraps which are continuously increasing can be a tartar, or can be a hard object such as shellfish, white or yellowish colored.

food scarp vs tonsil stones

Have you ever noticed a tartar? food scraps that accumulate can be a tartar and yes it can be also tonsil stone!. This is the main thing of our problem, so the most cause of tonsil stones is food scraps! We need to know that every single person has a different body structure, so there could be free of food scraps or they are can be easier to accommodate of food scraps. For that, not all of the people have tonsil stones, but there are also some people who are very susceptible to tonsil stones.

What we have to do to prevent tonsil stones?

In this article : http://tonsilstonesremovals.blogspot.com/2014/05/brushing-teeth-prevent-tonsil-stones.html, I have discussed about how to prevent tonsil stones using a toothbrush. But the bottom line is we have to always clean up our tonsil also mouth area from the food scraps or anythings that comes from food that we eat. Remember, tonsil stones have many specific signs such as bad breath which it is tough removed. So, if you are a guy who always care about a mouth, you diligently brushing your teeth but you still have a bad breath, then you must be aware, the tonsil stones maybe already lived in the area of ​​your tonsils. Stay away from food scraps, stay away from the tonsil stones. Good luck!

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A to Z About What Tonsil Stones are Today

Today, tonsil stones removals blog want to share about A to Z about what tonsil stones are right now.. today.., so lets get started. Tonsil stones are caused by the merger of several types of materials such as scraps of food. Tonsil stones are usually visible yellowish-white, shaped like a small rock stuck in the throat or mouth around the backside area. Bacteria also caused by tonsil stones and it can make bad breath and sometimes itchy. Here are the most things that you should know about the tonsil stones which have been summarized from various sources.

Most common things of tonsil stones

tonsil stones

Do you know what tonsil stones are?

Some people in Europe have tonsil stones, although not reaching 10% of the population, but it still can be a serious problem for many people. As I have mentioned before, tonsil stones are caused by an accumulation scraps of food and bacteria which is attached to the mouth, throat and tonsil area. Although the tonsil stones size is no more than the smallest fingertip of human, but it can not be eliminate by gargling with water.

The symptoms caused by tonsil stones

If you feel pain in the throat area and you have bad breath enough, then you need to check the presence of tonsil stones in your throat today!! right now!! If you see something yellowish white around the tonsils and throat, you have to be vigilant, it could be tonsil stones guys!. You need to take a note that the tonsil stones and bad breath are closely related.

Tonsil stones are not contagious!

Tonsil stones can not be transmitted from one person to another, although the bacteria which contained in the tonsil stones can be spread, such as through a glass, dishes, toothbrushes and others, but the main factor of causing tonsil stones will not transmitted, it's because the tonsil stones are caused by individual personality and not by the bacterias or the viruses. Everyone has a different size and characteristic of throat, so it is certain that tonsil stones can not be transmitted easily.

Tonsil stones can be cured, but it may come back again

The tonsil stones are possible to remove, but it can also come back to your throat, we should really be smart on maintaining our oral health and keep our mouths 100% clean, I believe that as long as we can maintain our oral condition, such as gargling with anti-bacterial liquid, brushing teeth, cleaning leftovers after eating something, the tonsil stones are not easy to come back, but if you are a lazy guy to clean a mouth and throat, then be prepared that the tonsil stones can easily come back!

Surgery vs. natural treatment

salt water for remove tonsil stones

Surgery can help you when you have tonsil stones that are large of size, whereas if you only have a small tonsil stones, then you can use tonsil stones home remedies removal. There are so many ways that we can do to get rid of tonsil stones from our throat, but now this time, probably in the next article, I will discuss in more detail.

In general, using a fingertip, gargling with warm salt water or using lemon water could help us when trying to remove tonsil stones, good luck my friends.

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Brushing Your Teeth May Prevent Tonsil Stones

Did you know that brushing your teeth may prevent tonsil stones to be appear on your throat?. Dear visitors, we often told our children to brush their teeth regularly, but in fact, we ourselves often fell lazy to brush and to clean our teeth. On this occasion, I would like to share a story with all of you about the effect of brushing and the presence of tonsil stones on our body. Please note that this is not the result of a research but this post is based on personal experience and comes from facts that exist in the real life.

Tonsil stones caused by bacteria and food scraps

brushing teeth prevent tosnil stones

As I wrote earlier in this article, the tonsil stones are caused by the accumulation of bacteria and food scraps in our mouths. If we are lazy to clean our mouth and teeth, the food scraps can be fossilized, hardened and stick on your throat. This is the main reason why I mentioned that the tonsil stones can be prevented if we brush our teeth regularly.

In general, we need to brush our teeth 2 times a day, after breakfast and before bed. In the real world, sometimes we need more frequent to clean and to brush our teeth because if we often consume a food, the food scraps will be more and more in our mouth, sticking in the throat, tongue, fill space between the teeth, and of course give rise to bacteria that causes tonsil stones.

Brushing your teeth regularly can prevent bacteria proliferate, I sill believe that tonsil stones can be prevented if you are diligent to clean your mouth. Advice from me, brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed, that is very important. In addition to that, if possible you can brush your teeth after eating foods that are leaving the food scraps more such as eating fried chicken, pizza, and others.

Remember, tonsil stones may not be present if we do not accommodate throat bacteria and food residue. Actually, there are other factors that cause tonsil stones, but for now I just want to focus only in this topic. Thanks for reading here..

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Get Rid of Tonsil Stones - Do not Choose a Wrong Way!

Do you want to get rid of tonsil stones? please be careful and don't choose a wrong way!, why? lets discuss it together. There are so many ways that we can do to get rid of tonsil stones from our bodies, we can take an "A method", a "B method" and other means. Here, we will not discuss in detail about how to get rid of tonsil stones, but today I want to explain about how to choose a good method when we will to remove tonsil stones from our body.

I am one of peoples who hated the presence of tonsil stones, although the tonsil stones seems trivial even tonsil stones are small, but if the tonsil stones have invaded your body, then I will I make sure that you will hate the tonsil stones, then how to remove the tonsil stones with the right and good ways? let's look together.

Surgery is usually for "large" tonsils stones

People often feel scared when confronted with the "surgery" word, but however, sometimes surgery can be one of the best ways for some people. We need to know that while the tonsil stones are already severe, sometimes it will difficult to remove, although this tonsil is still possible to be cured naturally, but if the tonsil stones are already large, and the the surgery is one of the best way that we can take.

The natural way

This is one of the most popular ways to eliminate the tonsil stones. Anyone like the natural ways, besides not require large funds (save our money!!), the natural way also usually can be done at home and do not need any special tools. The methods that often used are gargle with salt warm water, using the index finger, lemon water and others .

So, don't choose a wrong way !!

If you have a tonsil stone and want to eliminate tonsil stones from your throat, then you have to understand about the shape and size of your tonsil stones. Remember, if you have a tonsil stone, you can use a natural way, but if you have a large tonsil stone, then you need to consult with a doctor, why? because if you do not have enough knowledge on getting rid of tonsil stones, such how to use a finger, how to mix a salt water, then you may experience hard bleeding, and remember that it could endanger the safety of your life.

Tonsil stone is not a dangerous disease, even many people have their own methods on removing the tonsil stones as it has been presented by Puttman's. See you and I will post more in details in the next posts about how to use a natural method on getting rid of tonsil stones.

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I Hate Tonsil Stones..!! What About You?

Many people who feel comfortable with tonsil stones, but in fact they are enjoying the last days before their tonsil stones became severe. When someone has a serious tonsil stone problem, then they will feel the pain that is quite serious and they will begin to hate the tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones are very disturbing your life.

Tonsil stones made into a heavy breath (your breath became hard or bad breath), and can make you become sore throat. This is something that can make your life be disrupted. If you are one of the frequent contact, or communicate with others, then the bad breath which caused by tonsil stones will annoy your friends, even your boss.

Bad breath, as I have discussed before, do you have a bad breath? Bad breath can be caused by tonsil stones because the tonsil stones are something looks like a rock which is caused by leftover food or other dirt things which accumulates in the throat. If the tonsil stones getting bigger, then you will feel the pain in your throat and your mouth will become smelly, I know that’s not good!! Germs and bacteria in the tonsil stones will make your mouth feel uncomfortable, besides that, the smell of tonsil stones are also very distinctive and I really hate it.

Some people also feel severe shortness of breath, just try to imagine that the tonsil stones are quite large and located between the mouth and your throat, you may think that tonsil stones can obstruct your breathing pathway!! In addition, some cases reported that if the tonsils stones become large and they are separated from the throat, sometimes it can make bleeding serious, so did you want to be alive with the presences of tonsil stones in your throat?

I am sure that you will start worrying about the tonsil stones right? I also believe that if you are one of those who have tonsil stones, then you will hate this fact and yes you’ll be hate about the presence of tonsil stones in the throat. So what should you do now? Well there are several things that you can do such as start to avoid the causes of tonsil stones or can try the several ways of natural tonsil stones removal, just wait for the next article.